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Saving and Loading

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how saving/loading works. Here’s the full explanation:

Export to image

exportUse this when you are done and you want to insert your drawing somewhere, like a Word Document, or share the image over email. This will save your drawing as a JPEG imageSince this is a picture, you cannot open it again in Chemix to edit! For that, use the next method


opensaveUse this if you want reopen your diagram for editing, or you want to share it with others. “Save…” will create to a simple .txt file, which you can keep on your computer or send to others via e-mail. This way, teachers can share their drawing with students. To view and edit the file in Chemix, click “Open… and select .txt file.


quickIf you need to close Chemix but plan to come back to it on the same computer, you can use this option. “Quicksave” will remember your current drawing, so that when you reopen from the same computer, you can restore it using “Quickload“. Remember, if you need to open the diagram on another computer, use “Save…”/”Open…”.

Common question

Can I save my drawing?


  • You can save your drawing as a JPG image, using Export to image
  • You can save as a diagram file on your computer, using Save/Open. This file then can be shared with others and opened on other computers in Chemix.

Is there a tutorial video?
It’s not complete but you can try this Chemix Tutorial.

How do I resize an apparatus?

It is not possible to resize items individually. However, certain items have alternate versions including sizes, e.g. the beaker. You can change this with Alt+Click.

How do I zoom/pan?

Shift+Drag to pan. Ctrl+Drag to zoom.

How do I add liquids?

Container items can contain simple filled areas that represent liquids. Ctrl+Click on an item to set the liquid height (do not drag, just click). Ctrl+Alt+Click on the liquid will change its colour.

Where’s the table gone?

You can add it from the “Other tools” category.

Other questions?

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