Chemix Updates


Feb 2017  2.8.0
  • Enable HTTPS for added security.
Feb 2017
  • Bugfixes and mostly invisible under-the-hood upgrades to the engine, ready for future features!
Apr 2017  2.7.0
  • New natural UI for selection and rotation (rotation tool removed)
  • Better framing of exported image
  • Unified experience for Chrome web app users
  • Toast message visual refresh
  • Fix for Firefox rendering bug
  • Wait dialog for image export
  • Fix bugs in apparatus sidebar
  • Potential fix for Microsoft Edge users
  • Official release of beta
  • Bin button for deleting selected items
  • High resolution image export
Nov 2016  2.6.1♭
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste (Ctrl+X/C/V on PC/Linux, ⌘+X/C/V on Mac)
Sep 2016  2.6.0♭
  • Added Undo/Redo (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y on PC/Linux, ⌘+Z and ⌘+Y on Mac)
  • Fix bug: Liquid level broken for certain rotations
  • Tool cursors
  • Delta (Δ) symbol for selection rotations
  • Updated toolbar icons
June 2016  2.5.3♭
  • New rotation overlay
  • New styling options for 19 items: Volumetric Flask, Boiling flask, Gas Jar, Pipette, Clay triangle, Evaporating Dish, Crucible, Crucible Cover, Separating funnel, Pump, Syringe, Nail, Spatula, Test Tube Rack, Dessicator, Reagent bottle, 3-way tube, 4-way tube, S-tube
  • New snapping behaviour when rotating 1 item
  • Updated search terms
May 2016  2.5.2♭
  • New styling panel UI, added radio buttons
  • Added style options for 12 items: Conical flask, Table, Tube, Bung, Thermometer, Tube bend, Glass Wool, Tripod, Wire Gauze, Petri Dish, Filter paper, Round Bottom Flask
  • Improved search terms
  • Fix bug: Selected items moved during save
  • Fix bug: Pressing delete while editing weight on a scale
  • View recently saved diagrams
  • Initial Beta release