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Patch Patch 1.11 has been released for Menu Inventor 1.1. More information.
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Development towards 1.2 is currently taking place. More
Menu Inventor 1.1

What is Menu Inventor?

Have you ever been mad with Windows Start menu, at how it was illogical, hard to customize and generally chaotic? Menu Inventor is a free alternative to the Windows Start menu, offering a modern, clean interface, organizing your menu without clutter and launching tasks with just a few clicks. With on-the-fly editing, you can customize, re-invent and tweak your menu to perfection. Quickly, easily, any time.

Patch 1.11

A patch has been released, fixing some of the most annoying bugs and implementing most requested small features. More details on this patch



  • appealing, modern, clean interface visually based on Linux KDE menu
  • fully configurable menu structure
  • on-the-fly editing, including drag and drop
  • access and launch any application, file, folder and even websites
  • in-built cut, copy, paste and more advanced functions
  • both mouse and keyboard navigation
  • keyword launching
  • special menu items: headers, separators and extras
  • unique draggable launcher button, floating on your desktop
  • supports both user-selected icons as well as default application icons
  • comes with 75+ crystal clear icons
  • skinning supported
  • supports bulk adding of many files
  • completely free
  • more...
Handbook Skins Development

Open Source:

Menu Inventor has 18.4.2006 become an open source project, signed under the GPL License. It is kindly hosted at

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