Exam Break + yBook progress

For a very looong time, we showed almost no activity and the reason was the big big IB Diploma exams that we had. These exams are an important steps, that determine all our future steps, so they, of course, take precedence over, well, anything really except for drink, eat and sleap Smile, Fortunately, the exam session is almost over, OJ will finish tomorrow, Jakub Kovář and I have two more papers to go over the next week and Ilja's happy day will come next wednesday.

As soon as the biggest storm was over (two exams from Czech and the hardest Maths paper), I decided that the Yearbook should really advance somehow and so we now have 50 pages done, almost a half! Still a big way to go, though...

We also welcome a new designer and helper Amir Novák on board and already he has proven himself as a truly competent and efficient member, assisting with the design and some administration works. We'd also like to say a huge thanks to Mr. Vladimír Gavriněv, whose imaginative and truly professional photos has filled many of the newly created Yearbook pages.

So, check it out now! (And the funk soul brothers...)

Ybook07 Sneak Preview II

These previews are also available in high definition for download from here.


Hai's picture
18 May, 2007 - 16:53

I have worked a little and recounted the pages today. The total page count is now 65, from which 44 are in draft state and 21 have been deemed completed!

wp Robot (not verified)
wp Robot's picture
3 January, 2013 - 11:17

Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this web site needs much more attention.
I'll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the information!

Hai's picture
2 June, 2007 - 14:37

Work is progressing painfully slowly, but we now have solid 92 pages (and almost 33 fully completed)!

Hai's picture
6 June, 2007 - 17:13

Ilja, Jana and I raided the school today to take the last photos and squeeze answers for questionnaires from the less accessible and cooperating students. And the page count is ever-improving: 94 pages total, 50 fully completed.

Hai's picture
14 June, 2007 - 11:32

Just to keep things updated and lift our egos: 97 pages total, 67 completed

Hai's picture
4 July, 2007 - 14:32

It's now just question of days! 106 pages, from which 89 pages I will never touch again. Also, big thanks to Ilja Mazánek, who has kindly went through all pages and hunted down each and every typo. Thanks!

Richard E. Dover (not verified)
Richard E. Dover's picture
10 November, 2013 - 04:18

This is all about and that makes on the changes and given here for it keeps such time.

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