The Printer!

Today's meeting was quick and was mostly concerned with where, what and when to get photos from whom and who's when going to do what and why. Jana's gonna get more pictures, Ondra and Kuba are getting ready to work over the weekend, Tomas will be getting all the questionnaires finished - hopefully - and will be taking tutor group photos with me this wednesday.

Today, The Printer has announced us a reasonable price (228,50 Kč - 96 pages; 254,20 Kč - 112 pages, both version hard-covered). Yes, after weeks of waiting, we now officially have a printer!

Ybook "Meating" #3

Originally, we were supposed to discuss the promotion strategy, but instead I had to talk severely to Linda about the state of mess in the photo dept's organisation.

Then OJ, Jakub and I went on to criticising my new cover for Students section and consented, that it is being overstuffed and looks awfully kitshy. I'll fix that Razz.

Ybook Meeting #2

In tight 20 minutes I managed to convey the urgency of our current situation and then we moved on. Generally, we consented and managed to discuss lots of things: