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The Real Battle for Mongolia

The Real Battle for Mongolia is an entertaining scroller-shooting game where you must shoot down as many enemies as possible and meanwhile obtain as much points as possible.

Over 10000 downloads all over the world up to date make The Battle for Mongolia our first commercial success.


Chemix 1.0

Chemix 2.0 available.
Chemix 2.0 is much better than version 1.0 and we recommend you use it instead! Let me have it!

Chemix Screenshot

Chemix is a freeware editor for drawing lab diagrams. This small tool written in Flash is designed for students to help them draw diagrams of common laboratory equipment and design lab setup of science (especially chemistry and physics) experiments. It is not a professional's tool, but being easy and fast to use, it is suited for quick presentations and for use by students and pupils.

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1.0 (Windows) 1.0 (Mac OSX)

Disc Broom

Oh yes, this handy drive-cleaning utility has been updated! And there are quite a few changes, that will surely delight every user!!:

  • safer searching engine
  • upgraded user interface, using shiny crystal icons
  • english mutation for foreign users
Disc Broom 0.72

Horze Racez

Place your bet, watch the race and see how much you win! Horze Racez is a simple hazard game, where your aim is to earn lot of money through bet placing and winning in horse races. But wait, there is much more than that!!
Horze Racez 1.81