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I am dedicated to improving Chemix for you. If you have trouble using it or missing something, leave a comment below.

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21 thoughts on “Chemix Feedback

  1. Hi…

    I can not start chemix with ubuntu and firefox. I have adobeflash plugin installed and i CAN work with lots of tools online but with chemix no way.
    It says: LOADING…
    If this takes too long, please check that Flash is enabled and working. If you have a Flash blocker, please disable it for

    I dont have fash blocker as far i know and i am root on my computer..

    Please advise..

    Sincerely Sasa

  2. Hi. Firstly thank you for this usefull tool. I´m using on line chemix, but I can´t rotate items or make zoom using ALT or CTRL, It seems those keys don´t do what is expected. I use a laptop with windows 10 . Any suggestion? Thanks

    1. Hi Alejandro, are you using the new Chemix version on To rotate you just need to switch to the rotate tool in the top panel. To zoom, there is a zoom slider in the bottom right corner. Hope that helps, let me know if you need more information, I’ll be happy to assist!

  3. hey macduy!! thx for this great tool. it really helps me alot setting up a documentary for many experiments we do with our students here at the Technical University Berlin. In a way I want to create instructions on a DINA4 page

    For Improvment //// what would be of great help:
    *deleting is not possible ; the trashcan button in the old version was a good solution though
    *ctrl+c/v/x still doesnt work (using windows)
    *ubuntu support 🙁 (i know i know ;))
    *ARROWS would be AWESOME
    *saving only a part of the image, instead of deleting elements would be sooo nice
    *DIN A4 page frame
    *vector graphic image save option for better quality
    *text fields

    in any case your tool already makes my day! if you continue this, your programm could be the next “must-have” in the portfolio of any chemistry student worldwide. seriously hot stuff you do here.

    thank you so much

    1. Hi, apologies for the late reply. Can you check if your Chromebook supports Flash? It is needed to run Chemix.

  4. Hi!
    I used Chemix in December 2015, and it was working great. Now I can not add apparatus. I have one beaker when I open the application and I can move it around, change the size, add liquid, rotate it… but that’s it. I checked flash on my computer and it’s working fine.
    Please can you give me some solution for this problem?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marijana, what computer and browser do you use? Can you try visiting directly and let me know if that works?

      1. HI!
        I’m using Lenovo x300 with Windows7 and Google Chrome. Tried on other browsers (Mozzila, IE), but it was the same. Also tried on another computer and got the same result. Every time I have googled Chemix 2.0.

        But, entering directly to address bar worked.
        Thank you for your suggestion!

  5. As an educator I’d love to use this app in the classroom. Unfortunately students devices don’t support flash. It’s html5 support on its way?

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in Chemix! HTML5 would require a significant investment of time, which I want to dedicate to improving the current app. What devices are your students using?

  6. This app is not useful on Chromebook because “CTRL” and “Shift” keys works as expected but “Alt” key is reserved for a system. May you change all controls from “Alt” to “Space”?

  7. The apparatus doesn’t show when I click at the toolbar. I always need to refresh or close all the windows and after a while then the apparatus able to appear on the screen

    1. Are you using Windows or Mac? If it doesn’t work, try opening a new tab and visiting directly.

    1. Hi, it requires Adobe Flash. Chemix only works on desktop, you can’t open it on mobile.

    1. Hi, to zoom you hold Ctrl and then drag on the workspace. If you’re on a Mac, you need to press Command (⌘) instead.

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